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CISI Kenya Network and Networking Solutions

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CISI Kenya Network and Networking SolutionsEfficient and Effective network solutions are very important for an organization to succeed. The network solutions offered by CISI Kenya are reliable, scalable, flexible, and secure and can be customized based of the changing needs of the business.

At CISI Kenya we help organizations realize the benefits of networking by increasing productivity, business flexibility and reducing operational costs. We provide cost effective solutions that integrate the multi vendor solutions available that can be customized to suit individual requirements.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization.
  • Campus Switching and Routing running voice, video and Data.
  • Wireless LAN Solutions.
  • VPN, Firewalls and Network Security Solutions.
  • IP Telephony.
  • Configuring Gateways with WAN links over Frame-relay / Analog and Digital leased circuits / ISDN PRI/BRI/dial-up / Broadband.
  • Media conversion technologies such as UTP to Fiber (single mode / Multimode).
  • Third Party Content Management and load balancing solutions.
  • LAN Infrastructure Audit and Analysis.
  • WAN Traffic Audit, Analysis, Monitoring, and Shaping Enterprise Network Support.
  • Internet Management Solutions.
  • Remote CCTV Solutions.
  • Network design, implementation, management, operation and optimization Training.
  • Network support services.
  • Network Administration services.

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