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CISI Kenya Mobile Development Solutions

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CISI Kenya Mobile Application Development Services Mobile is the current big bang it’s what is happening as more and more people around the world access information on their mobile phones.

Some of the services offered by CISI Kenya in this space include:

  • Mobile App Development: CISI Kenya develops custom software that runs on mobile phones enabling users access information specific tho the company through the Apps.
  • Augmented Reality: If you have ideas, leave imagination to CISI Kenya to craft it via Augmented Reality. AR takes the Smartphone experience to the next level. Through visualization it gives user Rich and Closer experience. AR can be used in Image Recognition Apps, Games, Marker and Marker less.
  • M-Commerce Applications: CISI Kenya builds business critical M-Commerce applications enabling customer’s access business services through a mobile app. Some of the applications can include: Money Transfer, ticketing, coupons, and location based services, e-commerce shopping through mobile apps, Informational Service Solutions among others.
  • Games: Working with CISI Kenya you can convert your idea into a game that users around the world might love. Some of the services offered might include: Art, Interface Graphics, Animation & Sound design, Augmented Reality Games, 2D and 3D Games, From Arcade to Action.
  • Enterprise Mobility: Automate business processes so that they can be run from a mobile phone and from anywhere. CISI Kenya will help you archive this vision from requirements planning, architecture development to controlling and testing the system, a road map is created and we ensure it’s archived.

CISI Kenya develops mobile apps for use in the following platforms:

  • iPhone Apps
  • iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Windows Apps

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