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Web Based Data Collection System 

Our web based and mobile data collection system can be used to collect data in the field more easily to a central server location.

The system consists of two parts the first part is the form design part to design forms to be used in collecting information from the field. The second part is the data collection part this involves the collection of data from the field by data collectors using a web interface or and android app.

Web Based Data Collection System Features

  • Form design portal to design custom forms.
  • Android App for data collection.
  • Ability to collect data offline then upload the data to the central server once a good connection is established.
  • Data visualization using simple custom graphs.
  • Ability to perform more analysis on the data using other software.
  • Strong API to enable connectivity with other systems.
  • Ability to integrate biometric systems for user authentication and to ensure that no two people are surveyed by collection the respondents fingerprints.
  • Ability for the software to be customized to meet the user’s needs, requirements and wants.
  • Ability to collect the location where the data was collected.
  • Ability to export data to excel, csv, xml, pdf and other formats.
  • User management to enable assignment of rights to users that determine what the users can do and view within the system.
  • Secure login system using passwords that can be extended to use biometrics and two factor authentication.

Benefits of the Web Based Data Collection System

  • Secure data collection.
  • Ability to create and customized data collection forms and questions.
  • Ability to distinguish between respondents by taking the respondents finger prints or photo or both during the data collection process.
  • Ability to integrate with other systems thought the powerful API system.
  • Simple data visualization providing basic reporting built within the system
  • Ability to manage user rights ensuring they only access what they need.
  • Fast and real-time data collection.

Services Offered by CISI Kenya

  • Web Based Data Collection System implementation.
  • Web Based Data Collection System customization of the system to meet the business needs,
  • Web Based Data Collection System technical support.
  • Web Based Data Collection System integration with other systems.
  • General consultancy.


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