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Cloud Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Server Services

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Cloud Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Server Services 

The Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution offers a robust, remotely hosted, outsourced and fully managed implementation of Microsoft Hosted Email Exchange Server. Leveraging off proven Microsoft Technology, and benefiting from being located within the heart of internet networks being hosted in a World Class Data Centre, the solution provides a high level of resiliency, robustness and redundancy, as well as a range of security, content and management features supported by the best engineering staff in Kenya and Africa.

The Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution is architected to provide a high level of resiliency and uptime, making use of multiple Frontend servers, database servers, redundant switches and multiple firewalls.

The platform runs on 64-bit architecture allowing for increased scalability and performance. The entire platform is backed up utilizing Microsoft Data Protection Manager to ensure that all client data is fully protected.

E-mail security is provided utilizing the Microsoft Forefront product range which utilizes multiple scanning engines for anti-virus and anti-spam filtering ensuring that your e-mail is always protected.

The solution allows for a mixture of “Lite” and “Premium” users utilizing a variety of methods / clients to access the mail infrastructure and can dynamically scale as required.

As the solution is provided utilizing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, there are no large capital outlays, no need to skill up / train / retain support staff and no need to worry about license management and future planning.

Administration is provided via a web based GUI (graphical user interface), whereby general user administration tasks can be performed, while the back-end server administration is left up to our trained and highly qualified support staff.  General administration tasks would include adding, deleting and modifying users, creating aliases, as well as creating Distribution Lists, specifying the primary SMTP delivery address and enabling SharePoint access. (Requires the Hosted SharePoint offering). Limited integration with a customer’s Active Directly is possible utilizing Microsoft Customer Directory Integration (CDI).

Mobile Users can access the Hosted Exchange platform from a wide variety of devices and benefit from a rich Outlook experience on capable devices. For devices that support the Outlook client, additional search features are available as well as the ability to manage out of office (OOF) status and messages.

Users taking advantage of the “Premium” option also benefits from the new Auto discovery feature which allows for simpler client configuration.

CISI Kenya Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution Features

  • Fully Outsourced Enterprise Email.
  • Inclusive Anti Spam and Anti Virus.
  • 5 Anti Virus Engines Scanning.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • Expandable Storage.
  • Web based Provisioning.
  • Microsoft ActiveSync.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • 24 Hour Support.
  • Support for non-windows compliant mobile devices available.

CISI Kenya Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution Benefits

  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy Administration via Web Frontend.
  • Microsoft Active Sync Licensing for mobile devices.
  • Extensive Security.
  • Built on proven Microsoft products.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

To find out more about CISI Kenya's Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution please contact us.

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