Wildlings Travel Blog Logo  

 CISI Kenya designed Wildlings Travel Blog logo. Wildlings Travel Blog an on-line blogging and travel reviews website. http://www.wildlings.co

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One Square View logo 

 CISI Kenya designed One Square View logo. One Square View is a do it yourself on-line property subscription listing and advertising website that has e-commerce features integrated into the website. http://www.onesquareview.com/en/

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Savanna Adventures Expeditions Logo 

CISI Kenya designed Savanna Adventure Expeditions logo. Savanna Adventure Expeditions is an on-line travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. www.Savannadventures.com

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CISI Kenya Logo 

 We designed a brand new logo for CISI Kenya further enhancing their brand. www.cisikenya.com

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Topi Adventure Safaris Logo 

 CISI Kenya designed The Topi Adventure Safaris Logo.  www.topiadventures.com

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