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 We have implemented, designed and hosted The 3 Dee Apartments website over the years enhancing their brand. www.3deeapartments.com

3 Dee offers distinctive signature hospitality experiences in Kenya that include:

3 Dee Apartments Nairobi: Fully furnished and serviced apartments available for short term lease or rent at a wonderful quite location in Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya.

3 Dee Restaurant Nairobi: Located within 3 Dee Apartments Nairobi, with an in house chef on hand to whip out sumptuous meals be it for Breakfast, lunch, Dinner or just a biting. It’s also an ideal place to meet for business and social meetings.

3 Dee Villa Mombasa: An artistic and breathtaking Villa located in the sunny and breezy area of Shanzu Mombasa. Close to Mombasa's famous white sandy beaches.

Visit their website www.3deeapartments.com to discover more.

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